S p r i c h t   F o r m ?  

Fragen zu Verhältnissen von Form und Erzählen in der visuellen Narration

eine Art Tagung
12. und 13. April 2016

Mit: Dr. Ole Frahm, Comictheoretiker und Radiokünstler, Frankfurt/M.; Dr. Anette Højlund, Künstlerin, Researcher und Lehrerin (and Students), Kopenhagen; Benoît Jacques, Künstler und Verleger, Paris/Fontainebleau; Das Gespinst, ein experimentell-narratives Magazinprojekt (Judith Bungert, Maren Endler, Jonathan Kröll), Essen; Prof. Martin tom Dieck, Zeichner und Lehrer, Hamburg/Essen.

12. April (14 bis 18 Uhr)
13. April (10 bis 14 Uhr)
Sanaa-Gebäude (2. OG)
Gelsenkirchener Strasse 209
D-45309 Essen

eine Veranstaltung der Folkwang Universität der Künste

Dr. Anette Højlund

Images in plural: Between collection and narrativity.

Today we see artists and designers working with collections of images as artworks in their own right. The recent years, montages of images have been an exhibition form which many different kind of artists have worked with, and in artists’ books and graphic zines collections of images form new kinds of narrativity. But it is not narratives as we know them with a beginning, a middle, and an end – and the question is, if we can talk about narrativity in that connection at all. My thesis is, that we can. Collections of images “tell” a story, give an atmosphere or investigate a theme through the interaction of images. But how are we to talk about narrativity in relation to the collection of images? How do these montages work? In my talk I will give a few examples on how we decipher “The thing, which is told“ through this collection-form.


Anette Højlund is educated within fine art. She has been studying Philosophy at Aarhus Unversity and Comparative Litterature at Copenhagen University next to her own artistic practice. Since 2000 she has been teaching image and communication at the Design School at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In 2012 she defended her Ph.D. thesis, Mind the gap! An outline for a philosophy of drawing. Her courses at the Design School covers a wide field of subjects: Hands on experimental drawing, illustration, photography, text and image, narrativity and culture theory and philosophy. Her own artistic practice, which for a great deal is painting, focuses on investigations of “emerging images”, space, colour and the idea of an image as a gesture, metaphorically and practically. (www.anettehojlund.com)